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Meet Your
Meet Your
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Hey Entrepreneur!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Pair up with a like-minded Entrepreneur for unmatched accountability!

No need to stroll through business forums anymore... ;)

VenturePals - Your entrepreneurial buddy to achieve goals with | Product Hunt
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Created for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Built by Entrepreneurs, Designed for Your Growth

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90% of Startups Fail...

Many great businesses fail before they even get to start. VenturePals is on a mission to change that! A study on accountability partners showed that having a dedicated success partner nearly doubles your success rate!

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Entrepreneurship is lonely. At some point, this loneliness can lead to unproductiveness or demotivation.

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Can't find them?

Let's face it... Finding an accountability partner is hard. Especially as entrepreneurs. Endless hours on business forums and still no match!

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Your Solution!

VenturePals connects you with another ambitious entrepreneur so you can keep each other accountable and help each other succeed!
Finding a success partner has never been easier!

Finally an Accountability App Solely for Entrepreneurs!

How much further could you be if you had completed your weekly tasks every single week without fail?

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A black VenturePals logoA black VenturePals logo
Let's Change the Current Startup Failure Rate for Good.

Let's work our way to double the current success rate of 10%!

How likely are you to complete your goal?

A recent study on accountability was done by the Association for Talent Development. This study had shown the likelihood of completing your goals in the following situations:


When having an actual idea or goal

Having goals is great, but without any actions these goals aren't goals. They are dreams! Only 10% of people that have ideas and goals actually complete them - and so... 90% doesn't...


When planning how to achieve your goals

Planning how you'll achieve your goals is the first big step to increasing your chances of success. But considering your chances increase the same amount as a coin flip, isn't ideal...


When committing to someone you respect

We're moving in the right direction, but we're still not quite there. Once you've committed your goals to someone you respect, your chances of succeeding increase by up to 65%!


When having a dedicated success partner

This is where VenturePals is at! By connecting you to a dedicated success partner (someone that is just as ambitious as you), the odds of succeeding increase by up to 95%! That's nearly doubling your odds!

You and your buddy keep each other accountable throughout the weeks to make sure you don't miss out on your goals!

Start using VenturePals today

What would it mean for you if you could nearly double your chances of succeeding?

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Increase Your Odds Today!

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Swipe through profiles of ambitious entrepreneurs all around the globe.
Network with like-minded individuals and find your success partner!

Find Your Success Partner

No need to search through business forums anymore! Let success partners come to you, thanks to VenturePals!

iOS & Android

Available worldwide on both platforms!

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The log in screen of the VenturePals App
An illustration showing two people talking about the progress of their businesses.

Discuss with your buddy how many times per week you'll check-in with each other!

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Track Tasks

Stay on track with your weekly goals and tasks. Make sure you and your buddy complete them both!

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