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Hey, you!

Nice to meet you! Even-though we haven't really met yet and you're just reading some words on a screen.

We're very flattered you'd like to learn more about us - and yes, we are actually two humans operating this business.

Definitely not robots...

That's why we'd like to invite you to connect with us in the VenturePals App!

Herman Palmgren and Joël Wurtz, the co-founders of VenturePals.
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How We Met...

Since April 2023 we have been each others success partners! It wasn't until September 2023, when we decided to collaborate and create VenturePals as it is!

The Start

Why we started

From 2020 until 2023, Joël had been working as a solopreneur. He worked on his marketing agency for mechanical engineering companies. Being a solopreneur came paired with all kinds of struggles, which you probably face as well.

He came across an accountability research from the American Society of Training and Development, and was sold. He had to find an accountability partner!

After 3 months of strolling around the internet, he found Herman Palmgren. Herman and Joël had been working as success partners for 8 months when they decided to collaborate on a new business venture. One that would make finding a success partner for any entrepreneur an easy task!

Writing in neon lights, saying 'FOR THE WORLD'
The Goal

Our mission

Our mission is simple... Well, not really - but it's something we're very passionate about.

We're on a mission to drastically change the current startup failure rate.

Making accountability partnerships an industry standard for any entrepreneur. Whether you have just started your business, or have a steady business up and running.

We believe every entrepreneur can benefit from having a success partner!

Double the success rate
Better mental health
Shared victories
Support through losses
Leaving a positive impact
Fostering life-changing ideas
Staying dedicated
People sitting around a table.

Want to join us in our mission?

Curious how young our team is? Well... the average age is 23!

Don’t see the perfect role?

Reach out to us! We’re always looking to bring aboard people who are curious, action-oriented and passionate about leveling the playing field for startups.

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